Technical Chemistry - Lagoenam in mensā scriptoriā!

We welcome you to the pages of the working group "Technical Chemistry". Technical Chemistry deals with the transfer of chemical reactions and processes into technical operations as well as the optimization of existing processes. Find out about current research results from chemo- and biocatalysis in multiphase systems to renewable raw materials. An overview offers the pictures at the top of the page.

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We  welcome our new colleague Annalena Erdmann and wish her every success in her work!


We  welcome our new colleague Henrik Schröter and wish him every success in his work!

September 2023

Participation in the GDCh Scientific Forum Chemistry 2023 (WiFo 2023) in Leipzig with presentation of posters

12.06. -16.06.203

Build up and installation of the GCMS system with HydroInert source by an Agilent employee.


First start-up of the GCMS system

May 2023

Delivery of the GCMS system with HydroInert source from the company Agilent funded by EFRE

GCMS system with HydroInert source (Inert PLUS MSD) by Agilent 


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