Two-channel ion chromatography system

Funded by "European Regional Development Fund" (ERDF)

Thanks to a grant by the country Mecklenburg-Western-Pomerania provided by the "European Regional Development Fund" (ERDF),we were able to procure and install a two-channel ion chromatography system in 2015.

Ion chromatography is a powerful method from the area of instrumental analysis and belongs to the field of liquid chromatography. It allows the determination of charged compounds, whose is not possible in other ways or is only possible with much higher effort.  These include, in particular, cations and anions of dissolved salts in various matrices, but also more complex organic structures, such as amines which can be of biogenic origin, but also be used as active ingredients, e.g. in the field of agrochemicals. The issues range from trace analysis in environmental samples to the monitoring of syntheses to the quality control of drug precursors with regard to their salt content as possible contamination.

The two-channel ion chromatography system "ProfIC 940 vario" with conductivity detection from the company Metrohm serves for the simultaneous determination of anions and cations. The 940 Professional IC Vario is an extremely compact system with the flexibility of a modular design. It adapts to the current application and is equipped for all future tasks. In addition, the device has an automatic autosampler to carry out analyzes even during the night hours and at weekends, thus ensuring a sufficiently high sample throughput, e.g. for multiple measurements. A selection of 942 Extension Module Vario Units allows the user at any time to extend the 940 Professional IC Vario System and adapt it to the new requirements.